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Welcome to Yoga with Saeed


Read this site in Spanish.

Yoga with Saeed focuses on:

The practice of yoga has helped millions of people to live healthier, fitter and less stressful lives.  If you care about your body and care about your mind, consider the practice of postures, breathing and 'stop and reflect'.


All levels of ability are welcome.  No previous experience is necessary, you will get all the help and attention you may need to enjoy the session and get the benefits you are looking for.


A breathing exercise

If you are reacting stressfully a lot of the time, you probably want to free yourself from symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia or addiction to coffee, alcohol etc.


Try reading my 'About the breath' page. It will show you how to practise 'Alternate Nostril Breathing' and how to find your way through stressful experiences. Good luck with your practice!



The Body, the Breath, the Brain and the Mind for improving the whole person physically, physiologically, biologically and psychologically.


To read more about the body, the breath, the brain and the mind click on the links above.  e.g. The Body